Summit Overview

Announcing the ACGT 2020 Cancer Summit

For nearly 20 years, the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy has funded cell and gene therapy research that has led to a paradigm shift in how cancer is treated today. Our funding led to the CAR-T breakthroughs that launched a new era in oncology and new hope for patients with blood cancers.

On April 16, 2020, we are convening thought-leaders in cancer cell and gene therapy to continue that work. With a focus on solid tumors, we will share the latest advances, address the greatest challenges and showcase the most innovative programs in progress today.

Incredible breakthroughs have been made but many people living with cancer have yet to see the benefits.

As a leader in cancer cell and gene therapy, we invite you to join us at the Alexandria Center for Life Science in New York City on April 16, 2020 to celebrate the successes and attack the challenges as we work to eliminate cancer in our lifetime.

Who is ACGT?